petek, 08. april 2016


Free full piano sheet music: Locked Away – R. City ft. Adam Levine.pdf

If I showed you my flaws, if I couldn't be strong, tell me honestly, would you still love me the same?

OMG I love the melody from the moment I heard it. Here are two genres I would never mix together, but somehow it works.

Locked away is a song by R. City (brothers Theron and Timothy Thomas) and Adam Levine, (the lead singer of pop rock band Maroon 5).

I have a shocking news, the lyrics are based on a real story! Here is a piece of an interview that R. City did with Billboard:
"Locked Away' means the world to us because the story is based on our parents" "Our dad [was] locked up for five years and our mom [held things] down while he was gone, and still to this day. We're just very happy that people are able to connect with it on different levels."

Locked away is a reggae fusion song. Reggae fusion is a fusion genre of reggae that mixes reggae with other genres, such as rock, pop, R&B, jazz, bass. The song is written in the key of D major, but my arrangement is in the key of B major, so it would be slightly easier to play.

If you prefer remixes, the official remix is titled Locked away again (The Remix) and features an additional verse from American rapper Lil Wayne.



 If I got locked away,
 and we lost it all today,
 tell me honestly,
 would you still love me the same?
 If I showed you my flaws,
 if I couldn't be strong,
 tell me honestly,
 would you still love me the same?

 Right about now
 If I judge for life, man, would you stay by my side?
 Or is you gonna say goodbye?
 Can you tell me right now?
 If I couldn't buy you the fancy things in life.
 Shawty, would it be alright?
 Come on show me that you know.

 Now tell me would you really ride for me?
 Baby tell me would you die for me?
 Would you spend your whole life with me?
 Would you be there to always hold me down?
 Tell me would you really cry for me?
 Baby don't lie to me,
 if I didn't have anything,
 I wanna know would you stick around?


 Let's get it diddly down down down down.
 All I want is somebody real who don't need much,
 a girl I know that I can trust,
 to be here when money low,
 if I did not have nothing else to give but love,
 would that even be enough?
 Gotta need to know.



 Tell me, tell me, would you want me?
 Tell me, tell me, would you call me?
 If you knew I wasn't balling,
 'cause I need a girl who's always by my side.
 Tell me, tell me, do you need me?
 Tell me, tell me, do you love me?
 Or is you just tryna play me?
 'Cause I need a girl to hold me down for life.